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Every professional athlete used to be a beginner. So go ahead and learn how to become a PRO.

Milos Terzic and Mirko Radevic invite you to ProVolleyCamp. Vrsacki breg 2020. First shift 28.06.-05.07. Second shift 05.07.-12.07. The camp will be held at the Red Cross Resort, ages 9-16.

About Vrsac Hill

On the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, tucked between the Tower of Vrsac and Djakov's Peak at an altitude of 364 meters with an exceptional climate, is the Red Cross Resort. The roof of Vojvodina, as it is called Vrsac hill and mountains, is classified as an air spa with a rose of 17 kinds of winds. This has been common knowledge since the 1930s when Mary of Romania (the Swabian princess) built the legatee building of the Red Cross for the treatment of lung patients and their recovery, which was linked to the pulmonary hospital in Bela Crkva. This is supported by French experts who, 10 years ago, found that the negative ionization in this area was higher than in the famous Davos resort in  Switzerland, as confirmed by many cured patients.

About the Red Cross Resort

With its unique location, the Red Cross Resort is an ideal place for recreation, walking, resting and recovery. The resort consists of:

  • 20 rooms with a total of 100 beds,
  • National cuisine restaurant,
  • Summer restaurant,
  • Coffee terrace,
  • Ambulance,
  • Conference room,
  • Classroom,
  • Children's amusement park,
  • Sports grounds with rubberized base,
  • Horse farm,
  • Mini zoo,
  • Trim tracks.

Camp content:

The seven-day camp arrangement includes:

  • Morning and evening workouts (Red Cross resort grounds with tartan backing and dates at the Millennium Sports Center),
  • Individual work with candidates, with emphasis on refinement of technique and development of specific motor skills (free of charge),
  • Educational lectures on proper nutrition in the developmental period,
    Recreational and entertaining program (visit to monasteries, sightseeing tours of the city, swimming pool, beach volley tournaments, themed evenings, "health trail" walks and other sports),
  • Work with campers will be done by renowned Serbian coaches,
  • Numerous guests and friends of the camp (current and former national team of Serbia).

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Develop and improve your volleyball skills and abilities in a fun and creative way.

You rejoice in talent, and with effort, perseverance and work, you achieve your maximum.

Learn to develop your sporting spirit through playing, socializing and practicing.

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Camp organizers:

Milos Terzic

Milos Terzic

​Player achievements:

  • 70 national team performances
  • 2009 silver world league Belgrade
  • 2010 Bronze World League Argentina
  • 2010 bronze World Cup Italy
  • 2011 gold European Championship Austria


  • Long-time first team captain and captain of the O. K Red Star
  • 10 international seasons in the first leagues of France (6) Romania (3) Poland (1)
  • 2012 Tours UK Champion of France and Champions League Quarterfinals
  • 2013 Costanta - Romanian Champion and Cup Winner
  • 2018 Arcade Galati- Champion of Romania

Mirko Radevic

Mirko Radevic

Mirko Radevic is a graduate professor of physical culture and active volleyball with international experience.

He started his playing career at his Ribnica from Kraljevo, where he still plays, and then played for Radnicki from Kragujevac and several foreign clubs across France, Iran and Romania.

Nice from France led as captain to the semi-finals of the French Championship. He spent the last year in Vojvodina from Novi Sad, with which he won the state champion title.